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fragrance design

With over a decade experience in the fragrance industry we can provide highly customised fragrance service to companies of all sizes in South Africa.


Fragrance Design KITA Fragrances


Looking for a way to stand out in the plethora of fragrances available in the industry? Creative olfactive design in our specialty. Working with your preferences and our knowledge attained from many years working with companies launching their own products we are able to ensure your fragrance needs are met for your brand. Whether you specialise in home luxury fragrance, personal care, home products or consumer products, or you want a fragrance for your office space we can help you. 

scent marketing

Our sense of smell is deeply rooted to our emotions and can be a powerful tool to enhance customer experience and brand connection. Addan extra dimension to your retail presence or commercial space by creating a unique, memorable signature scent that can help your customers recognise, engage and remember your brand. 

product development

Whether a single product or an entire line, we can help consceptualise, design and produce your luxury fragrance products and packaging. Should you have your product range already and want only the fragrance oil, we are happy to help here as well. 

fragrance oils

With our experience in the industry we have tried and tested the available fragrance house products and have chosen to work solely with the fragrances we believe to be of the absolute highest quality. All of our fragrance ingredients are imported exclusively from a manufacturer, based in Grasse, France that has been manufacturing perfume since the 1860's. 

fragrance compliance

With the constant changes in fragrance regulations it can be tricky ensuring your products will be compliant. For small batches to large scale production, our expertise allow us to advise on international safety and regulation standards to ensure your peace of mind.  

just for me

Everyone is unique and they should smell unique. If you want a fragrance just for yourself, we would love to take you on a journey, working with your preferences to design a perfume that belongs only to you.  

get hold of us

To start designing, send us a mail at info@kitafragrances.com.