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Terms of Service

Terms of Service Statement


1. All sales are on a COD basis and products will not be released until full payment has been received.
2. KITA Fragrances is bound by the orders taken by its representatives or employees only after receipt from the customer of proof of payment.
3. KITA Fragrances reserves the right to refuse any orders with small quantities or low value. If KITA Fragrances accepts this type of order, as an exception, KITA Fragrances reserves the right to charge the customer with additional costs.
4. The terms of the order sent by the customer to KITA Fragrances are irrevocable.
5. The customer must inform in writing the order amendment or cancellation no later than 1 working day before the dispatching date. If the request is accepted, KITA Fragrances reserves the right to charge the customer with additional fees.
6. Should the customer amend the order, the order process shall revert back to the beginning and a new dispatch date will be issued.
7. COD clients’ orders will only be prepared once full payment has been received. Dispatch from KITA Fragrances is normally three full working days for perfumes and one week for body lotions, body wash, etc. from receipt of above mentioned payment should stock be available. The time to dispatch of large orders will be estimated on the quote.
8. All orders are ex-works and it is the responsibility of the customer to track all parcels once they have been dispatched from KITA Fragrances. KITA Fragrances may not be held liable for any damages or delays once orders have left KITA Fragrances’ warehouse. This is applicable whether the customer chooses to make use of their own courier or the courier that collects from KITA Fragrances every day.
9. We recommend storing our goods away from any heat source and away from light.
10. The lifespan of our products is one year from the date of purchase.
11. Packages must be inspected upon receipt in the presence of the carrier or KITA Fragrances representative.
12. In case of missing merchandise, reservations must be written directly on the delivery note with signature of the carrier. The customer must send a copy of this delivery note to KITA Fragrances within two calendar days.
13. It is the responsibility of the customer to perform quality controls of the delivered product. Any claim regarding non-compliance of the product delivered or potential defects must be made in writing to KITA Fragrances within 15 calendar days following the receipt of goods.
14. The customer will have to provide justifications of the defects, deficiencies or non-conformities (a representative sample of the received batch / the analysis results). The customer must allow KITA Fragrances to see these defects and remedy them.
15. Due to the nature of the products sold, KITA Fragrances will not be liable if any previously agreed conditions of handling or storage are not respected by the customer or if the good have been tampered with by the customer in any way.
16. Once the customer has sent to KITA Fragrances its claim within the designated period, we pledge to replace or reimburse, at our convenience, the products we have recognised as not conforming to our specifications or as having potential defect.
17. Any return of goods shall be subject to prior written agreement between the customer and KITA Fragrances. Any goods returned without our agreement will be held at the disposal of the customer. In this case, KITA Fragrances will not issue a credit note and will not pay the transport costs.
18. No returns for ANY reason will be accepted after three months from dispatch.
19. KITA Fragrances reserves the right to change its prices at any time without prior notification.
20. In case of payment delay, KITA Fragrances could suspend all pending orders.
21. No financial discount is granted for cash payments.
22. The customer bears all risk of loss or damage to goods from the time they have been dispatched from KITA Fragrances.
23. The customer becomes the owner of the goods only after the full payment of the invoice.