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Perfume Inspired Reed Diffusers

Transform your living space into a fragrant haven that reminds you of your favorite perfume. Experience the indulgence of KITA Fragrances' reed diffusers that are inspired by the scents of top designers' fragrances.

At KITA Fragrances, we have curated a range of inspiration fragrances that draw from the aroma of renowned designer perfumes. However, please note that our admiration for these fragrances and the designers who create them is our sole connection with them, and we have no affiliation with the original manufacturers and designers.

Our aim is to provide our valued customers with a sense of familiarity by offering them fragrances similar to the ones they already cherish, without any intent to mislead them.

At KITA Fragrances, we believe in creating reed diffusers that stand out for their exquisite quality and captivating scent. Our diffusers are crafted using only the finest quality fragrance oils and ingredients, ensuring an unparalleled fragrance experience.

Our formula is based on the classic eau de toilette formulation, ensuring that it perfectly complements the quality of the fragrance. We use genuine rattan reeds, which are known for their superior scent diffusion, ensuring that your living space is filled with an even, long-lasting aroma.

With an approximate lifespan of 8 weeks, our reed diffusers are the perfect way to indulge in a luxurious fragrance experience that will uplift your mood and transform your living space.

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