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frequently asked questions


are your perfumes oil based?

Because our fragrances are made with 30% fragrance oil, they are what most people perceive as oil based fragrances. However, technically, in order for a perfume to be oil based it would need to have over 50% oil in its formulation which is extremely difficult to find. For more info, please take a look at our blog post about oil based fragrances here

with "generic" perfumes having such a bad reputation, how can i trust kita fragrances' quality?

KITA Fragrances is so confident in our products that we have a money-back guarantee on all of them. If you are not happy with the quality, let us know within 15 working days and we will have the product collected from you and refund you for your purchase. 

what is the difference between an eau de cologne, eau de toilette, eau de parfum/perfume and parfum/perfume?

The difference between each of the above is in the strength of (or percentage of perfume oil in) the fragrance. An eau de cologne has the lowest percentage of perfume oil of between 2-5%, followed by an eau de toilette with between 5 and 15%. An eau de parfum/perfume has between 15 and 25%, however a fragrance can be classified as a parfum/perfume if it contains over 20%. All of our perfumes have a formulation of 30% perfume oil and are classified as a parfum/perfume. 

are your products the same quality as those i would buy in a big retailer?

Absolutely - in fact most of the fragrances found in retail stores are either EDT's or EDP's (see our explanation on eau de cologne, eau de toilette and eau de parfum above) so they will contain less fragrance oils than our perfumes. That means our products should actually be stronger and last longer. All our fragrance oils are imported from Grasse, France and our supplier has won many well-know fragrance briefs. 

if your products are the same quality or of  higher concentrate, why are they so much less expensive than in a big retailer? 

That answer is simple - we do not have the same expenses as big retailers or famous brands. We have saved costs when it comes to the marketing of our products. We hope to become famous for our quality and nothing more. We also do not have the added costs of store space as all of our sales are done online. 

reed diffusers

why use reed diffusers

Reed diffusers add to the look of a room

They are safer to use because you don't have to use an open flame

They don't contain the potentially harmful chemicals often found in traditional air fresheners.

They are easier to use as there is only a small setup and no maintenance involved

They are more environmentally friendly as they do not need electricity

They last longer and refills can be bought to reduce waste


luxury scented candles

what is special about kita fragrances candles

Our wax is specially formulated to ensure best scent throw and to burn down without tunneling. The scent is mixed in from top to bottom so the scent does not diminish as it burns. And, as always, we use the highest quality fragrance oils in all our products.


how long until i get my order? 

Your order will be dispatched within 3 working days. Delivery can take up to another 3 working days. 

i would like to be an agent. how do i go about it? 

We would love to have you! Please contact us here and we will get back to you with our agent proposal. 

Are your fragrances natural or synthetic? Which is better?

Other than the essential oil products, our fragrance oils are all synthetic. There is a common misconception that natural products are better for the environment, however synthetic products generally use a lot less raw materials to produce the oils so if you are environmentally conscious synthetic would be the way to go ... 

have your products been tested on animals?

None of our products are tested on animals.